Meet Alicia. 

Rideshare Driver since 2015. 

5-Star and Preferred Driver with Lyft

4.91 Driver with UBER

Single Mom. 


2 x 5-star Etsy Shop Owner.

Born and Bred Texan (Houston)

Austin resident for over 20 years. 

17+ year real estate professional

Last job was a Mortgage Assistant in Hard Money Lending. 

Ex-bartender and ex-DJ in Austin.

I am a Hustlin' Gal.

Having been laid off 3 x since the Pandemic, I learned a hard less in 2020 that there is NO job security. As a single mom, this is disheartening to get laid off, as I not only care for myself but another human being, haha...so yes...I do it ALL. Below are all the side hustles I started and maintain, hoping to scale these into something larger as I make money through Gig Work like Uber, Lyft & DoorDash for my everyday living costs. 

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I started a planner shop on Etsy offering both physical and digital products for your personal and business planners. I grew this shop to 5-star reviews.

Bad Girl Balm

Bad Girl Balm was my first Etsy shop that grew to 5-star reviews. I formulated my own tattoo & body balm that an be used on your healed tattoos and other areas of your body.